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Friday, December 09, 2005
Happy Birthday, Doctor Bean
I moved to California in 1982, in my freshman year of high school. Doctor Bean was in my Honors English class and we got stuck on a project together, memorizing lines from Julius Caesar. He and I became friends at that time and stayed friends throughout high school. We went to UCLA together and, even though we did not share a single class, kept in touch. I was in his wedding and he was in mine. In fact, we've observed each other's major life milestones the whole time. And some minor ones as well: Happy birthday, Doctor Bean.
Happy Birthday, and many Happy Returns! May all your wishes come true! (and the sooner, the better...)
"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears...."

Have one helluva birthday, Doc Bean! And many, many more!
Awwwwwwwww! Thanks, Oven. You made my day.

Yikes. We've been friends for 23 years! I guess that means we're old.
Thanks, Irina & Stacey.
Happy Birthday old man.
Whoa. Just saw you earlier today and you weren't wearing a birthday hat. Happy Birthday!!!
Sorry I missed this posting yesterday.

Okay, sorry I missed your birthday. Wasn't there IN PERSON to wish you well, so you'll have to accept my long-distance greetings. HApPy BiRtHday, DoCTOr BEano...UH, dr. BEAN. Guess you can tell I've already had some drinks in your honor -- my typ-ing is just ab it offfffffffffffffffffffff.

Really, warm wishes (actually they're a bit frost-bitten) from Canada on your special day. Enjoy your guests!
Ecce homo que est faba.

(Latin: "Behold the man who is a bean")

Belated Happy Birthday, Dr. Bean.
It was nice to have Bean in your presence last night.
Jack: Thank you. I'm not that old. I'm ambulatory and have all my own teeth.

Wanderer: Thanks!

Torontopearl: Many thanks. I hope you're not driving anywhere. It's much safer to comment under the influence. Worst that'll happen is you puke on your keyboard.

Sophia: Ha ha! Thanks. It was a treat meeting you. Ball-and-chain and I will certainly stay in touch.
Happy Birthday! Here's to many more in health and happiness.
Yeah, happy birthday, a few days late.

-Nomad (from the snow-packed mountains of Northern California)
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