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Friday, December 09, 2005
Special Guest Post By Psychotoddler
Hi Coffeehouse members and frequent readers! This is Psychotoddler here, doing a special guest post from Dr. Bean's super-secret lair. Mrs. Balabusta and I arrived right on time after a fantabulous 4 hour airplane ride in which we didn't have to take care of any kids. Scratch that. We actually picked up a baby on the way. But that's a tale for another time. I will eventually post some juicy details...somewhere, with pictures, but that will have to wait for my return to civili--the Midwest.

So, ah, anyway, since I'm here with the Beans, uh, doing this, er, 'guerilla blogging' as it were, I should maybe try to keep up with the spirit of the Coffeehouse and Dr. Bean in particular.

So here goes:

Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are at the corner of North Lake Drive and East Capitol Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They board busses going in opposite directions on Capitol Drive. Mr. Reagan's bus is going east. Mr. Bush's bus is going west. Each bus also contains members of the NRA. At each stop, one member of the NRA gets off, but one member of the ACLU gets on. Every third block, the bus driver on Mr. Reagan's bus, who is a poorly controlled diabetic, needs to get off and empty his bladder. On every fourth block, the driver of Mr. Bush's bus needs to get up and stretch because of sciatica. Every 11 blocks, a drug rep gets on and hands everyone free pens and Viagra.

Whose bus journey will end first?

PS special wishes for a happy birthday to Dr. Bean. May you spend your next birthday with more interesting people!
Thanks for reminding me about the quadratic formula. I'll need it for my calculus final... and there's no better mneumonic device than your imaginary situation! ; ) LOL! Hope you're having fun!
How cool that you are there now!! Wish we were all there. Good Shabbos to you all.

P.S. Why couldn't my math exams in school been as entertaining?
Clearly Reagan's journey has already ended...

I know that equation looks familiar and Irina says its the quadratic equation. I think I learned it at some point. Trouble is I can't remember what's it for! I guess its just another useless factoid.

Does it have something to do with isosceles (sp?) triangles?
Everyone have their glass of tang? Good, let's all raise our glasses to congratulate Doctor Bean on another year well spent. L'Haim! (Wish I could be there in person)
I'm have to ask, though my memories of the East Side's geography are fading... wouldn't [the deceased] President Reagan be in Lake Michigan rather quickly if he drove east from North Lake Drive?!

So nice to see all these blogger meetings!! :)
Happy Birthday Dr Bean! What are you, 24 now? puppy. Here's hoping you have about a hundred and fifty more, and that they're all filled with mazel and urenkelkinder
Ding Ding Ding!!

We have a winner:

Congratulations, Ezzie!

You win a free copy of "11 Reasons Why Reagan Rocked"
:::proud smile::: Yay!! :)
Treppenwitz: I have a feeling we'll raise a glass in your presence sooner or later. Thanks for the toast!

Wanderer: It's the quadratic formula, dude! Come on! I send people to you to treat their heart attacks and you're thinking the quadratic formula has to do with triangles?!?! Sheesh. OK. Back to basics. Here goes. A quadratic equation is one in the following format:

a*x^2 + b*x + c = 0

The solution is given by the formula in the post. OK?

Psychotoddler: Only 11 reasons? Why are you giving away the abridged version?
I love the quadratic formula but the FOIL method is also pretty nifty.
Stacey: Don't be a tease. Tell us the FOIL method. I like foil wrapped chicken. I think we had some last night.
Awww, come now, my fellow math geek: First - Outer - Inner - Last.
FOIL is so much easier, too... kinda like foil.
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