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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Actually a Mentally Healthy Grown-Up
Psychotoddler and Mrs. B end their whirlwind stay with us tomorrow morning. It's been an event-packed trip for them. I'm sure he'll post the specific play-by-play, so I wanted to record some more general impressions. (He already has a post about last nights' blogger Chinese food round table. Inland Empress wrote about it too.)

It's not every day that you meet someone for the first time who you've known for months. I suppose before the internet, people had pen pals who they would eventually meet, but I imagine the blogosphere makes it so much easier to find a pal with whom one shares any number of interests, just not geographic proximity. Still, the HTML interface can hide a lot of things, and it's easy to imagine how friends by blog or email could be bored or awkward or even unpleasant in person.

But not in this case. Psychotoddler and Mrs. B are about the nicest folks you could hope to meet. They're totally unassuming. They have senses of humor honed by two decades of watching the same movies together; they have the wisdom that comes from more life experience than you would expect from a couple so young; they have the quiet calm that comes from surviving the chaos that only six children can create.

It was a treat spending time with them, and ball-and-chain and I will be sorry to see them off. Besides sharing a really fun weekend with us, they reminded us how blessed our lives are and how enriched we are by our friends.
I knew that you all would have a fabulous time. Sounds like such a good time. Post pictures!!
Psycho and Bean make a lovely couple. It was so nice to see them together at last.
Not that there's anything wrong with it.
So cool that you finally met. Hope your friendship continues.
The dynamic duo: PsychoToddler and Doctor Bean. Between the two of you (and your blogs), you can conquer whatever ails us, can't you?

So glad you men and ball-and-chain and Mrs. Balabusta had a wonderful time together. So the (pseudo)blind date weekend was a success...!
Well, Luke Ford told us we would control the internet. What do you think, Dr. Bean, are we in charge now?
I certainly don't feel in control.

Has anyone seen my socks?
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