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Monday, June 27, 2005
Back On Top
Blogger never fixed the bug that had the body of the blog down below the right sidebar, but through The Jewish Connection, a blog that was having the same problem, I found Velvel, who figured out a patch that I applied. It worked!

Free matza ball soup for Velvel. Thank you!
I had that problem once with blogger, but it was because I had a graphic that was too wide...

Birdwoman: Welome back. Big pictures can do it too, but this was something else.
Doctor Bean:

Is there any way that you could tell em how you fixed your problem.

I ahve the same problem and Blogger has been no help!

John Rogers
John: Welcome! Tell them or tell you? If you're looking for the fix just follow the link in the post to Velvel's blog. You'll find the fix there. I emailed a link to it to blogger, but God knows what if anything they did with my email.
Thank you.
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