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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Succah boycott
Just in case you were planning to buy a succah (a sort of hut for the "feast of tabernacles") this year... apparently the owner of one succah website in particular is denying his wife a "get" (Jewish divorce document), and the Orthodox Union is recommending a boycott of his product until he does so. Interesting.
Here's some background for the less-hip-to-goings-on-in-the-Orthodox-world.

By Jewish religious law the husband must consent to a religious divorce. That is, a Rabbinic court can't just order one. If the husband refuses, the couple is still considered religiously married and the woman can not then remarry religiously. It has become a way for spiteful jerks to torture the women with whom their marriage has failed. How to deal with such jerks without overturning Jewish law has been a challenge for Orthodoxy, especially the segment of Orthodoxy that takes the welfare and dignity of women seriously. (There have been rumors of Rabbis sending goons to beat up such men.)

The boycott is not a bad idea. I wish the dude much badness.
I share sentiments, having discussed this issue after a visit by a Jewish divorce lawyer to Fordham a while ago. Once I finally understood it, that is!
I agree.
I hope Jews will boycott and this woman will get her Get.
Forwarding to all my friends.
It's a horrible thing to do - withholding a Get.
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