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Monday, June 20, 2005
Today, the Constitution rests on my shoulders. Today, I fulfil my civic duty in service of the cause of Justice. Today, I ensure the right of defendants to a trial by jury. Today, a whole bunch of my patients will be inconvenienced and I will lose some money.

Yes. I'm on jury duty. I'll try to give periodic updates throughout the day. Mostly, I'd just like some pity.
Repeat after me:

"Is that the guilty one over there, your honor?"

"Well, he wouldn't be in jail if he wasn't guilty, right?"

"You can always tell the guilty ones by how close together their eyes are!"

I'm sure you can come up with a few of your own! :-)
Your Honor, Mr Bogner told me to purgure myself to get out of my civic duty!

I'm bored out of my mind. So far today, only one jury panel has been called, and I wasn't on the list. The trial for that jury is estimated to last 30 days! Yikes.

The rest of us have been sitting around, some chatting, some reading, some sleeping, all eagerly awaiting the second we can leave. Hey! That sounds just like synagogue services -- Jewry duty! Aaaaahaaahoooheeeteeehheeee. I'm so punny. I slay me.

I'm considering faking a seizure to get out of here.
I was in court, too - to watch a homicide trial. Saw some jurors. They looked pretty miserable. : (
Irina: Why were you watching a homicide tial? Were you watching from the defense table? Did you finally have to whack some moral-equivalencesspouting anti-Israel professor? If so, I certainly can't condone your behavior, but I would certainly contribute to your defense fund!
ha, you wish! I'm working for the DA, so I was watching from the prosecution side as part of the experience! LOL!
Ah. Gotcha! That explains the whole LSAT thing. You gotta be careful. If you're not careful, at this rate you'll end up being a lawyer.
; ) It's scary, but right now, most people I know outside my family and the blogospheres are either lawyers or lawyer wannabees, which is almost as bad!
Yikes. That is scary. You better blog more!
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