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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Tsunami Warning CANCELLED
Tsunami Warning Cancelled

You can put your pants back on now.
Nomad: How you doing up there? Did you feel anything?
Everything is good here. Didn't feel the quake. It was off the coast of Crescent City. The tsunami warning was for the entire west coast, from the Mexican bordder to British Columbia, and up to Alaska.

I believe there may have been a local wave in Del Norte County, but nothing wide spread (thank God).
Put my pants back on? You mean in case of a tsunami, I'm supposed to run to high ground without pants?
It's kind of weird. Within the past 24 hours, there have been 3 major earthquakes on the east side of the Pacific. Last night the quake in Chile was 7.9, tonight's quake off Crescent City was 7.0 - 7.4 depending on the sensor. And 3 hours ago, there was a 6.8 in the Aleutians.

That's the conventional wisdom, Bean. ;-)
I'll tell you what pisses me off. There WAS an actual tsunami warning (not watch) for the entire west coast, the the emergency broadcast system never activated. We get emergency broadcasts for high winds... and nothing for a potentially devastating tsunami event?

I get the feeling that, despite assurances to the contrary, we are no more prepared than the unfortunate countries along the coast of the Indian Ocean were. If I hadn't looked at the Tsunami Warning Center's site (after a call from my parents), and called the sheriff's department, I would have had no warning about a potentially massive disaster.
Maybe the emergency broadcast system would have been activated only after the wave was verified. The estimated wave times were still a ways in the future...

Just seems that for something as potentially destructive as a tsunami, a bit more proactivity is in order. I called our local restaurant down on the beach, while the warning was still active, and about 20 minutes until a wave would have hit. They were completely unaware that there had been an earthquake, and that there was an active tsunami warning for their location. They sit about 3 feet above sea level.

Not saying we needed to be running immediate evacuations, but there needed to be awareness.

By the time the networks and cable news programs got ahold of the story, they were broadcasting that the tsunami warning had been cancelled... the one they had never broadcast in the first place.

In the aftermath of December 26th, I'm just amazed at such a passive broadcast of such a serious warning.
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