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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
How'd You Get So Funky?

I just saw the King Tut exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Call me low-brow, but I like this a lot more. Not just because it's more entertaining. I actually think it's more relevant. Go ahead. Insult me in the comments. I can take it.
Not so much a comment on King Tut (either version), so much as a dog-style head tilt at the scary picture of a man playing 'pocket pool' while watching a kid weigh himself. Am I the only one confused/bothered by this image?
I didn't manage to download the link, but I did link to it. Is it just scary for me, but how did I know that "I like THIS a lot more" would take me to the Steve Martin shtick? Does your blogging persona reveal all, or what?!
David: Ha! I didn't notice the guy's hands. It's just supposed to be a sweet son-and-dad picture. You can click on it to see where I found it. Now that you mentioned your interpretation, you've ruined it for me. Now I assume "Uncle Willie" is weighing his little friend Tommy as a prelude to loving him in a Michael-Jackson-kind-of-way. Thanks for that.

I guess eventually we'll change it for another seasonal picture, and that'll be that.

Torontopearl: You knew I would refer to the Steve Martin shtick because (1) I'm all about goofy (2) the title of the post gives it away.

When are you coming back to visit again?
just had to comment...I'm a blogger friend of Robert Avrech. Stumbled on you guys through Toronto Pearl. Anyone who finds the Steve Martin King Tut shtick more interesting than the museum exhibit has got to be a hero! Your entries are very entertaining...I could become a devout reader.
Cruisin-Mom: Welcome. Any friend of Torontopearl and Robert Avrech (who I've never met) is a casual acquaintance of mine.

Pull up a chair. We'll try to entertain you.

By the way, ball-and-chain is kind of mad at me for my rotten attitude about the King Tut exhibit. Well, except for the words "kind of".
Doctor Bean, just so you know, I am Randi W. on Robert Avrech's blog. (had to create a blog identity, hence, cruisin-mom). I bet ball-and-chain isn't too mad about King Tut...she let's you call her "ball-and -chain" for crying out loud!!!
Cruisin-Mom: Nice to meetcha. My wife picked "ball-and-chain" as her nickname. I swear, I had nothing to do with it!
Yeah, I really am mad. I don't care so much about whether Dr. Bean is highbrow or lowbrow, I care that the Beanlets will think that "Madagascar" is more important than the Tut exhibit. But I do think that everyone should know that I found the link to the Steve Martin song and played it for out kids when we got home from the museum. After all, can you truly be a cultured person if you have never seen classic SNL skits ?
ball-and-chain...you are absolutely correct...SNL is the key to culture. I am proud to say I am old enough to have watched SNL since the very first one aired in 1975, while in college (yes, I am not a 30-something like the rest of you). Look what it did for me...I have found my way to Kerckhoff Coffee House...the height of culture!
Hi cruisin-mom. So, I guess you would approve of the fact that our children have been fed a steady diet of sarcasm, irreverence and slapstick comedy almost since birth. We believe that, although it may not make them great adults, it will at least make them funny adults, and that's not nothing!
Nothing's greater than funny adults!
Ball-and-chain...being an almost "50" something...I naturally have more wisdom than you...so I will just say, there is nothing better than a funny adult. My husband of 20 years makes me laugh everyday...the key to a lasting marriage. My boys 18 and 151/2 are two of the funniest people I know because they were raised on a steady diet of all those same things...as far as i'm concerned, your kids just have a head start over everyone else to becoming great adults!
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