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Friday, June 24, 2005
The Return of a Classic
I’ll leave you for the weekend with a bit of news from the Bean household. In January I introduced you to Ribs, Duodenum, Spine and Brain, a song that became a favorite in the Bean family. It had lapsed into disuse for a few months and was requested by my four year old just a few days ago. She really likes it. If you weren’t visiting us in January, take a look.
well, I went back to the January post, and I must admit that the Ed Asner, Charlie Sheen version is a bit superior. I know I'm new around here, and probably take my life in my hands making that statement...but good blogging must be honest blogging, right?
Cruisin-Mom: Honesty is, indeed, the best policy. You will hear no disagreement from me. Oven penned the Ed Asner, Charlie Sheen version, and he is a comedy genius. If I could just get him to post more frequently, oh what a happy Coffeehouse this would be!
Expect, where do you point when you get to the "Ed Asner, Charlie Sheen" part? I don't have an old Soviet flag or a poster of Denise Richards.
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