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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Seeing Through My Eyes
A while ago David Bogner posted about stealing bandwidth. I was guilty of this ever since I started blogging and never knew it. Since blogger doesn’t host pictures, every time we wanted to show a picture of something, I would find it elsewhere on the web and put a link to that picture in my post. I never stopped to think that this meant that every time someone entered our humble Coffeehouse, their computer also loaded the image from whatever server I found it on. So the Coffeehouse was using the other server’s bandwidth while displaying the picture they made available. Bad.

I finally got around remedying this. A picture-sharing program called Hello has partnered with Blogger to host pictures and publish them on blogs. From now on if I find a (non-copyrighted, of course) picture on the web I want to post, I’ll first make my own copy and use Hello to keep it on Hello’s server and not abuse the random shmoe that originally had the picture.

The added advantage this has is that I can finally publish the hideous pictures I take with my Treo! Joy! If that doesn’t decimate our readership, nothing will.

So to inaugurate Hello picture hosting at the Coffeehouse, here is a brief photo-journal of my last few days. You can click on the pictures if you have the poor judgment to want to see bigger versions.

Sunday was our four-year-old’s birthday party. Fun was had by all. She’s the one holding her crown in her right hand.

The Princess at her Party

Our male readers are certainly wondering if Cinderella arrived. She did. And she was lovely, but her dress, sadly, was much more modest and well-fitting than last year.

Cinderella Entertaining Her Young Charges

And of course, they decorated their own cupcakes.


Finally, here’s a memento from my day at jury duty.

LA City Hall
Good to know your brother-in-law (the professional photographer) will always have a job!!!!!!!Svenmom
This is great! all we need now is a real camera.
Your daughter's cute!
I can't look at the LA City Hall without hearing the Dragnet theme in my head (DUM daDum dum... DUM daDum DUUUM). :-)
Svenmom: Sure. Just like I'll always have work despite all the medical advice people give each other.

ball-and-chain: We can't afford a real camera.

Irina: Thanks! She's adorable. But… In case you haven't noticed, I chose the pictures because they don't show anyone's face. You mean she's wearing a cute costume? You'll have to take my word for it. Her face on my retina feels just like chocolate on my tongue.

David: Just the facts, sir.
fun pictures, although the cupcake looks a little slobbered on. hope she enjoyed the party!
Dr. Charles: Dads only eat foods that are slobbered on. My own father has forgotten what fresh food tastes like.
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