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Thursday, June 16, 2005
The Birthday Party
This Sunday will be the birthday party of our middle daughter. She is turning four. The dearth of invitations my children receive indicates that the birthday parties of my youth are disappearing. However, since it is my intention to relive my childhood through my kids, my children always have birthday parties. The standard party involves snacks, birthday cake, entertainment, and goody bags. For older kids, I usually provide crafts. For younger kids, however, I favor an entertainer of some sort. This year, we will have Cinderella again. Ralphie and Doctor Bean undoubtedly remember her fondly. It seems that as she bent over to entertain her little charges, her blue ball gown would gape away at the chest. Therefore, I was really hoping my daughter would choose Parker, her music teacher, instead. But no, she wanted Cinderella again. The best part of planning a party in Los Angeles is that RSVPs seem to be optional. I invited 36 kids (I know, but I had to invite her entire pre-school) and I know for sure that 16 kids are coming. Oh well, I can always make more pb&j sandwiches. She should have a memorable day and the guests will certainly leave happy. On Monday, I will stock the coffeehouse with cupcakes with the frosting licked off. Wish me luck.
i hope i'm able to crash this party... i can entertain, too, but without low-cut ballgowns, you understand.

if you want to have a "library corner" in the yard, i love reading to kids and putting on all the characters' voices. we'll see if anyone is interested in TorontoPearl or just in Cinderella...
What a great party idea... a little something for everyone! ;-)

Hope the Birthday girl has a wonderful time (I know her dad will!).
Dude, I was just trying to get a look at her glass slippers. If you know what I'm talking about...
Honey! It's nothing like that. We liked Cinderella because of her virtuous character.

And, since you brought her up, she did have a very pretty face.

Oh, and great boobs.
Fast foward: Halloween, 2005

I show up to a party wearing a blue gown, gloves to my elbows, and glass slippers.

Some guy: Dude, what are you supposed to be?

Me: Why, I'm Cinderella Man!
Sounds like fun. Happy BD to the little Beanlet.
I'm sure it'll come out great! Have fun!
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