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Friday, June 24, 2005
Redistribute Fat, Not Wealth
Remember, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me? In it he ate at McDonald’s for a month, gained 30 pounds and developed fatty liver and lots of other health problems. Ms. Soso Whaley saw the documentary and thought it was nonsense pseudo-science propaganda. So she ate at McDonald’s for a month, lost 10 pounds and dropped her cholesterol by 40 points, and made her own documentary. The link at the title to this post takes you to her interview by National Review Online. Her message: it’s the customer’s choices that separate a healthy diet form an unhealthy one, not the restaurant.

Customer choice! What a healthy reminder for our society. The corporate bogeymen aren’t responsible for your wellbeing – you are.
That goes directly against the message in america today - nothing is my fault. Must pass the buck!!

Birdwoman: That's right. The other message is corporate America is evil. I don't think corporate America is good; I think it's neither. It's just about trying to make a buck. That can be done ethically or not, but I don't like the presumtion that big business is bad.
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