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Friday, May 27, 2005
Weird Science?
I'm not trying to open up the stem cell debate here at the coffeehouse, but when Andrew Sullivan says that "The female body disposes of countless such embryos" ("such" referring to "embryos that never make it to implantation in the uterus"), is there any chance he really means "unfertilized eggs" and therefore is really not talking about the same thing?
Or did he mean miscarriages? : (
It sounds like he's talking about miscarriages, which are a very frequent event.
That's what I thought... But still, the comparison seems somehow inappropriate, because the embryons miscarried are frequently non-viable.
But each female body does not dispose of countless such embryos.

Or is it "embryoes"?
What he probably meant that most frequent miscarriages take place at such an early stage that they are not even known to have taken place sometimes...
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