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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Villaraigosa on the cover of Newsweek

The majority of people in Los Angeles don't know who he is (our new mayor, in case you're one of them), not to mention the world. Now more people will read about him than voted in the election (for either candidate).
This Canadian heard of him last week...when I was listening to the HOWARD STERN SHOW. Howard and Robin talked about the fact that a Hispanic (Howard kept referring to him as a "Mexican" with Robin correcting him with "Hispanic") had been voted in, and they seemed to say it with disbelief. But Robin kept reassuring Howard saying that this mayor had been VOTED IN...
Isn't it a bit shameful of me to say that I get some of my knowledge of American political tidbits from Howard Stern?
It looks like he's shouting "Ciguatera!!!"
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