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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Cheerleading is Hard?
A real self-esteem builder, courtesy of the St. Louis Rams: "But don’t be fooled, cheerleading is not as easy as it looks. They’re athletes; they practice, eat right, and have a workout routine. In fact, they start practicing immediately after tryouts in May." Gosh, no time to rest in-between? "Then, they devote six hours a week learning new dances, perfecting old ones, and getting themselves ready to perform." Wow - six hours a week - that's like Doctor Bean's schedule.

"So the next time you go to a Rams game and watch the team make tackles and plays down on the field, you might want to give those cheerleaders on the sidelines a second glance." You know, unless you're gay.
Or a straight woman.
Wait, excuse me, I forgot it's now un-PC not to include at least one guy on a cheerleading team!
Hey! I work much harder than that. All I do is care for patients and blog 24/7. I should try out for cheerleading.

(Good to see you back, Oven.)
Your forgetting and expensive and painful boob-jobs. Ow! Also, the countless hours toiling away in tanning beds. Those girls should really get a raise!
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