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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
International Flush a Quran Day
It occurs to me that for only about $17 you can buy your own Quran to flush. I'm trying to think of good reasons not to do this, and I'm not coming up with any. Could Muslim rioting be extended in perpetuity if once a week a different American flushed a Quran? Might fatigue eventually set in, and instead of rioting, might Muslims send angry letters to the editor? Is there any number of Qurans that would have to be flushed after which Muslims would reach the moral conclusion other people have reached millennia ago -- that no desecration of a holy object justifies murder? These are important questions, and I think only an experiment will give us answers.

I think the very popular conservative blogs would have to get behind something this large if it's really going to catch on. If any of you can get their attention, I'd be grateful.
As satisfying as this kind of campaign might be, it will be lost on the collective consciousness of the people who really need to see the Muslims for what they are.

These people who's opinions we deperately covet sat idly by while Muslims dynamited ancient carvings of Buddhas off of holy sites in Afghanistan. They sat silently while the Jordanians made latrines out of ancient Jewish gravestones from the Mount of Olives and denied Jews access to their holiest site. They made not a peep while Joseph's tomb was burned and pulled stone-from-stone... and have taken no notice of the fact that in order to reach Rachel's tomb one has to take an armored bus to a fortified army compound.

But somehow these people who's opinion we so desperately seek awoke from their slumber to join the protests and finger-pointing when Ariel Sharon 'desecrated' a Muslim holy site (the Temple Mount) by actually (gasp) soiling it with his Jewish presence!!!

Sometimes you have to turn down the volume on what everyone else thinks and do what we have to.

The world should care about Muslim sensibilities exactly as much as the Muslims care about the value of other cultures... meaning not at all!

"it will be lost on the collective consciousness of the people who really need to see the Muslims for what they are"

I assume you mean Europe and the anti-Israel or anti-war crowd in the US. I completely agree with everything you say. I was not imagining my campaign to win any hearts and minds in the Euro / American left crowd. I really was just imagining it to infuriate Muslim radicals. I know that this is completely immature and mean, and I have half a mind to delete this whole post. The truth is, if "moderate" Muslims would fight to take their religion back, the whole world would be on their side, and no one would want to offend them. Until that happens, perhaps some Qurans need to be flushed.
Especially the fundamentalist translation given out for free on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn (a largely Muslim neighborhood infamous for its terrorist-training centers in the 80s and early 90s).
Irina: That's good to know. Grab a few copies for the Coffeehouse, if you don't mind!
No prob!
David: You should send that in to Newsweek.
Nice blog.

But do you think that Gen. Richard Myers was lying when he said the Afghan riots were not really connected to the Newsweek report?
Seamus: Thank you. Welcome. I didn't hear Gen. Myers comment about this. Do you have a link to the story? What's your take? Was he just trying to get the story to go away, or do you think he was right and Newsweek is getting a bum rap?
just because the christians in the westeren world have lost the battle to keep christianity holy e.g peadphilic priests, religon made fun of by own people etc etc lol the west has lost everything that was sacred to the dollar. the text written in the quran so close to scientific knowledge that leading scientists have converted to the religon of peace and you want to flush these words god forgive you. research for yourself dont take my word for it PEACE
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