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Friday, May 27, 2005
In Grateful Memory
I have dozens of work and family obligations to fulfill before this weekend, but it would be wrong to let Memorial Day come without some reflection on its meaning.

I own my home and my own business because of property rights we usually take for granted that do not exist in many countries. I worship as I please, which can not be said in Saudi Arabia or Yemen. My family is safe, which would not be true in much of Africa. I can criticize my government publicly, and frequently do right here in the Coffeehouse, which would be a criminal act in China.

These freedoms are the bedrock of our lives upon which everything else is built. Our families, our individual traditions, our professions and our leisure would all be swept aside in an instant if tyranny replaced liberty.

All these abundant blessings were bought with the lives of American soldiers. On Memorial Day, we stop to realize this; we honor their sacrifice; we offer our heartfelt thanks to the families who grieve for the loss which helped sustain our nation. May we all strive to live in a way that is worthy of such sacrifice.

Here's a concrete way we can show our appreciation. I'm going to ask ball-and-chain to break out a credit card and donate to one of these. Please do the same.

Very nicely said, Doctor Bean.

Patriotism at its finest...

Have a good -- and safe -- long weekend together with your family.
And don't forget to thank a vet (your welcome, by the way). ;-)
Hoozah. Well said.

Have a wonderful weekend.
David: Thank you for your serivce!

Pearl & Voracious Reader: Thanks!
Couldn't have said it better myself. First time reader here, but will be back. I am especially glad to see your connections to different web sites to help our troops. My sons and I adopted our soldier last month, and plan on adopting another. It was a real eye opener for them, ages 5-15, to think about things that they would want someone to send them if they were at war in Iraq. God Bless You and Yours!
his other woman: Thanks. Welcome to our little corner of the web.
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