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Monday, March 14, 2005
We Appreciate Your Patience
Commenting is working, but very slowly. Just click on things only once, go back to something else (like work) and come back to the window in a few minutes. Sorry.
Haloscan works pretty well.
but from what I know (from psychotoddler) it doesn't email comments and you can't import the old ones from blogger. Yes?
I don't know the answer to whether you can import comments from Blogger as I didn't try to do it.

I was so frustrated with Blogger that it was switch or gargle Xanax.

There is a place in which you can manage comments that I use to get around the issue of not having new comments emailed to me.

I see every comment so it is not like I miss them. It is a little bit unwieldy but right now it seems to work just fine.

The main thing is that I don't have those bleeping Blogger issues with commenting now, just the other crap.
They also have a 1,000 character comment limit, so for long comments I have to write it in Word, paste it into the comment, see where it got truncated, paste the rest into the second comment... And they archive all of your comments that are older than 4 months. Bad deal.
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