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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
"It's funny. Why not?" or "Down the Hobbit Hole"
I've crossed over.

During some earlier email correspondence with Oven, Oven responded to a comment of mine with, "It's funny. Why not?" It sounded like something I'd seen in a bad English translation of a bad Japanese video game once, so I Googled.

Hot in pursuit of a form in a white wastecoat, down the hobbit hole I plunged. Long time I fell, and he fell with me. Then we plunged into the deep water and all was dark.... We fought far under the living earth, where time is not counted... where past meets future, where hobbits and vulcans cohabitate, where Leonard Nimoy sings psychadelic odes to hobbits... on video.

Takes a couple minutes to downoad. You'll need Quicktime. Resistance is futile.

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Well, I'll have to stay awake for the rest of my life to prevent the nightmares.

What a whacky career Leonard Nimoy has had...
I'd heard the song before but I'd never seen the disturbing visuals. I am experiencing mixed emotions: terror, amusement and, oddly enough, a teeny bit of excitement. I think that last is because I had a big crush on Spock (and, by extension, Leonard Nimoy) when I was a teen.

Maybe it's time to start seeing my therapist again...
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