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Monday, March 14, 2005
Freedom is on the March, Part IV
Up to One Million Lebanese Protesters Mark Hariri Killing

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators chanted "Freedom, sovereignty, independence," and waved a sea of Lebanese flags in Beirut on Monday, the biggest anti-Syrian protest yet in the opposition's duel of street rallies with supporters of the Damascus-backed government.

Crowds of Druse, Christians and Sunni Muslims flooded Martyrs' Square and spilled over into nearby streets — responding to an opposition call to turn out for the removal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.
It looks like the new colors of liberty are red and white. You have to realize that Lebanese citizens taking to the streets are a little different than us Americans going to a rally to sing "We Shall Overcome". They know that they're taking on Hezbollah, about which we've already posted much. They have something to lose.
Monday's protest easily surpassed a pro-government rally of hundreds of thousands of people last week by the Shiite Muslim militant group Hezbollah. That show of strength forced the opposition to try to regain its momentum.
I offer this last picture strictly as a benefit to Nomad, so that he may compare those struggling for freedom in Kuwait and in Lebanon.

A Lebanese opposition protester rides above the crowd during a Beirut demonstration.
Now that is what I call a rally!
Yingele: Welcome. I hope you enjoyed your break here. Now get back to that Yeshiva studying, but come back. (The coffee here is kosher, but I don't trust the muffins. Better check with your Rabbi.)

Nomad: [channeling Wayne from Wayne's World] If Hezbolla is the Army of God, then she's in the army of babe!
Update: In today's Bleat James Lileks remarks about a different picture taken of the same protester:

"The demonstrations in Lebanon are fascinating and heartening for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is the hubbaliciousness of some of the protestors."

Looks like pro-war, pro-democracy minds think alike.
Nomad - I believe what you meant to say was, "If she were the capital of her country, she'd be Babe-rut."
More like Boob-rut.

No wonder the Mullahs are all in a tizzy about democracy.
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