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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Hermit Kingdom Invaded by Magician
Vincent Price III, professional magician and grandson of the late film star, pulled off an amazing and foolhardy stunt – he snuck into North Korea and returned to tell about it!

About a month and a half ago, VP3 concluded a series of performances in the South Korean city of Hwangcheong, near the North Korean border. He and his corporate sponsors had gotten drunk during the New Year celebration and decided to sneak into North Korea. Apparently, there are non-strategic sections of “the most militarized border in the world” that are surprisingly easy to penetrate.

So they sneak up to the border under cover of darkness, throw a board over a barbed wire fence, and VP3 – in black cape and top hat! – ventures into the DMZ. He disappears for over an hour, scaring the crap out of his buddies, and then he returns to say he had made it as far as a North Korean farm before turning around.

There is an article on Korea-DMZ that claims the story is false, but VP3 swears that it is true. Way to go, Vince!
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