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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Soldiers in Need
Found this photo on the Drudge Report. Needs no elaboration.

Funny stuff. To be fair, however, I think it was clear that Kerry was referring to the intelled of Bush himself, not the soldiers'. An old and tired theme, to be sure. (Plus, I think Bush had a better GPA at Yale than did Kerry).
Ooooh! So you're saying that when he said you get "stuck in Iraq," he was referring to Bush's foreign policy, not the soldiers?

I can't imagine why anyone would misunderstand that.
Are you being sarcastic?

Maybe someone could misunderestimate it.
Sure, that's what he meant to say. Which makes his best defense:

"I was out on the campaign trail trying to make jokes about Iraq when our soldiers are over there in harm's way."


"Anyone who supported the decision to go to Iraq is an uneducated idiot."

The gaffe makes it headline news. His efforts to excuse it lead him into the quicksand of what he really meant.
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