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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Neighbor update
This morning I saw the neighbor in question out walking his dog. I told him that it's none of my business, but I hope he's not moving because of the note. He said his girlfriend (Girlfriend? Living in sin! Somebody write another letter!) was freaked out by it and wanted to move. He also said that sometime last year both of their cars were keyed up and cost $5,000 to fix (seem a little steep?). I couldn't quite tell if he was connecting the two issues, but either way he should get over a million for it.
Good lord. While it's hard to feel sorry for someone with a million buck house, I feel for the guy, and really hope he finds a better place. And you oughta move too, ralphie, you are surrounded (apparently) by jerks.
Score one for Chillul Hashem.
Wait - it was just the one jerk. I don't know who's keying who's car but it was clearly a separate incident. I'd be more concerned about the guy who got shot at the park a few blocks away.
Are you kidding me? Please email me which park. Was the guy killed? Did they catch the perp? Tell all pronto. Looks like I'll have to pack heat just to push my kids on the swing...
where the heck are all you guys?
Yeah, my coffee's growing cold! : )
Looks like the neighbor isn't the only one who has moved on...
I'll keep checking back from time to time, for auld lang syne
...not with a bang, but with a whimper.
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