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Friday, June 09, 2006
Edible euphemism
"KFC" has a new item on the menu: "Famous Bowls"

Freshly prepared with layers of your KFC favorites - a generous serving of our creamy mashed potatoes, sweet kernel corn, bite size pieces of all-white meat crispy chicken, topped with our homestyle gravy and 3-cheese blend.

All the KFC favorites you know and love served in a convenient easy-to-eat bowl!

Or, as we used to call such a concoction when I was a kid, leftovers.
Obviously this new item won't be popular with the type of people who insist that all their food be separated on the plate. Yuck!
looks like everybody moved away
we called them "concoctions"
Toby - we're still around - just preparing for some busy summers...
thanks ralphie, I'll keep checking in
Anyone alive?
Sounds like what we used to do with dorm food to get it down faster (thus spending less time tasting it.)

I think it sounds pretty gross.
If you want to mash your food together that you business but why should KFC encourage it.
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