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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Scientists Grow Artificial P3n!s in Lab
Oh, they called my theories "peculiar" and "radical". They laughed when they thought I couldn't hear them. None of the peer-reviewed journals would publish my papers. But they'll see. They'll all see that I'm a true scientific genius. I'll show them.

Flip the switch, Boris, and say hello to Giant Mister Happy!
Better get your spam filter in place, I see a tsunami coming.
Gavriel: Why? You think everyone's searching for "Flip the switch Boris"?

You're right, of course. I'll alter the explicit word.
Wow. That's pretty amazing. Functional and all.
Ayelet: I was pretty startled too. That's way more advanced than I thought was possible. In ten years that'll be what all the spam emails are about!
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