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Friday, May 19, 2006
Bug Fair
This Sunday Team Ralphie will take a trip the Natural History Museum for their annual Bug Fair. From the description:

"Be sure not to miss the 20th Annual Bug Fair – North America’s largest. Explore the world of insects and their arthropod relatives. See live spiders and scorpions, start your own collection of butterflies and stay for some great cooking tips from two world-renowned insect chefs."

But the text at the bottom of the page made me literally LOL: "Support is provided by Western Exterminator Company."
Ralphie, can you get some recipes for me from those world-renowned insect chefs. I'd like to know how to make: Butterfly Bourguignon Caterpillar Cholent, Teriyake Tarantulas.
There is actually a restaurant nearby (i had to go there once for work - I ordered a Coke) that has an entire section of its menu devoted to insects. That's the heading on that part of the menu: Insects. My colleagues ordered (and ate) crickets on a bed of rice and deep-fried scorpions.
Funny, the Smithsonian's insect exhibit is sponsored by Orkin.
I assiduously avoid all of the exhibits and classes related to bug. I hate bugs. All bugs.
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