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Monday, May 22, 2006
Scenes from the bug fair
Last week I mentioned the LA bug fair. Here's a coupla pix:

One of my daughters holding a nasty ol' millipede.

A tranquil image from the butterfly garden (which stands year-round, not just for the bug fair).

All-in-all, a good time had by all. And it really was sponsored by an extermination company. They even had a large statue of their mascot, "Kernel Kleenup."

Didn't the girlies get all squeamish? I'm 44, and I'd have been squeamish at the bug fair...in fact, I wouldn't have attended a bug fair!
B & C said she doesn't like ANY bugs. I almost feel the same way, except I do like the bugs George Bush put in Osama's friends' telephones. You Osama lovers better watch out, George is listening.........!
Let me just say that if that millipede had been anywhere near me, I would have run out of the museum screaming. Your daughter is one tough cookie.
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