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Friday, June 09, 2006
Carpool lane
A former co-worker visited the office today with her new baby. She was excited because she took the carpool lane all the way in from Orange County. You know, because the baby is another person.

That strikes me as, well, cheating. Isn't the point to reduce the number of potential cars on the freeway? You know, to relieve traffic.

Then again, if you drive a hybrid or other alternative fuel car you can use the carpool lane, too. So maybe the point is to reduce the total volume of emissions? You know, to reduce pollution?

Either way, the baby doesn't help you much.
Cheating? She played by the rules. It doesn't matter why they made those rules, the rules are the rules.

And she did save congestion and pollution by not having the nanny drive the baby in a separate car.
But, because babies are generally so gassy - burping etc - I think she actually had more emissions than a regular gas guzzler.

Toby - yeah, in LA, that might very well happen (with the nanny).

But what about going beyond the letter of the law (I think it's l'fi mesirat hadin)?
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