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Friday, May 26, 2006
Nu, you think you can dance?
Last night the producers of American Idol gave America a new contest show, where hopefuls can strut their stuff on the dance floor. As usual the best parts are watching the idiots who think they can dance but, well, can't. I was just flipping around the channels, so I just saw a couple of guys. This one guy was flailing around and slipped. He somehow was unable to brace himself, and he landed face-first on the floor. They kept showing this and showing it - in slow motion, of course. He was not seriously hurt, and seemed like a good-natured dweeb who, well, can't dance. Here's what got me: when he fell, his white yarmulke flew off.

Yes, I said his yarmulke.

Look, I'm all for pop culture, I love listening to Matisyahu, but I have a plea for all of my orthodox brothers out there: if you are planning on auditioning for a reality show where the odds are high that you will come off like a moron, lose the lid. Or at least wear some other sort of cap. Not a lot to ask, I think.
What an important post, Ralphie. I can't agree with you more.

When you wear the Yammie, you represent.

I've said this over and over.

If you can't dance, take off the hat!
Oh, i agree with this 1000000%
Sexpert - thanks for your agreement on maintaining standards when representing the Jews to a wider audience.

Um, if I go to your blog am I gonna find porn?
Well, done Ralphie. It's sooooo important that if we make it a point to broadcast to the rest of the world that we are Jews, that we be very careful not to behave, dance, or pick our blog nicknames like idiots.

Ralphie, like you didn't already go to Sexpert's blog? ;)
Good grief, you mean I'm going to have to stop making a spectacle of myself at Jewish rock concerts? :) But that's half the fun! What's a two-left-footed Jew who has delusions of being a dancer to do? :)

Cruisin-mom, too bad you live in LA, or you could be one of the "victims" of my upcoming so-called "performance" at the (for-women-only) Girls' Night On at Makor in Manhattan on June 12. Have I got a dance that I choreographed to Lenny Solomon's "B'Yado" for you! His Shlock Rock band is a heck of a lot less shlocky than my dancing, thank goodness--as Mark/PT was saying, he knows how to "represent." :)
Um, nothing...
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