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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Hamas wins Israeli Election
A stunning upset.
You are gonna rot in hell for that.

Save me a seat by the kitchen.
Well, at least now we're all impressed that your archive ("In the Freezer") now dates back to March 1990. Before Al Gore even invented the Internet!
Hamas, Kadima, what's the difference?
Wanderer, in a very nice email exchange, reminded me that my comment above might be taken seriously, or might contribute to the kind of moral equivalence that leads to speach like Bush = Hitler or Israelis = Nazis.

He's right. For the record, I was joking. I would wish a prompt death on anyone in Hamas. Though I do not support Kadima (and am not Israeli) I would not wish any of them harm. They are, after all, a political party (without an armed wing!) fairly competing with other parties for Israeli votes.
Well said. Looks like you're not the only one who can't see the difference between the Kadima and Hamas. AP and Reuters apparently have trouble as well. As noted by Israellycool.com.

At least you were joking.
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