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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Panthers Pink
My dad was in town when the Steve Martin-starrer Pink Panther debuted, so RB (ralphie brother) and I thought it would be fun to see it with him, since we all like slapstick. Problem was, it wasn't funny. At all. I believe I smiled, once. That's it.

To our amazement and confusion, the rest of the audience was guffawing, pretty much from the beginning. We were literally looking at each other in bewilderment (bewilderment?) when the laughter erupted at the lame sight gags and weak attempts at physical comedy.

Anyway, I resolved to rent the original to wash away the anti-matter of existence that was the 90 minutes I sat in that theater. And I finally watched it last night.

Problem was, it wasn't funny. To be sure, there were a few chuckles, which gave it a few more than the remake. But Clusoe is a supporting character at best, and the plot is somewhat slow and somewhat nonexistent.

Here's to hoping "A Shot in the Dark" is better, which I hear it is.
A. Nobody can replace Peter Sellers. Why would Steve Martin even try?

B. "The Pink Panther" wasn't a laugh-a-minute comedy. It was more of a black comedy. The sequels are sillier but more funny.

C. A Shot in the Dark isn't that much funnier.

D. The best one is "The Return of the Pink Panther." Swine Parrot!
Here is what I think happened. The minor character of Inspector Clusoe stole the show, so they made all subsequent movies with him as the lead. All of these movies are funnier if you watch them with a 10-year-old boy. You can borrow mine if you want. He thoroughly enjoyed even the worst "panther" movie.
I think it's confusing that all of the movies other than A Shot in The Dark have "Pink Panther" in the title, because Pink Panther isn't character in any of the movies (other than the opening animations).

I agree, Sellers stole the first movie and subsequent ones revolved around his ineptitude. As they continued to make sequels, they became more and more ridiculous. Kato was my favorite other character.

What's great about Clouseau is how totally oblivious he is to his incompetence. "Former chief inspector! Let me help you up!"

At one point in college, I had an inspector Clouseau message on my answering machine.
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