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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Matisyahu in town
In what has got to be a first for a Chabadnik, Matisyahu appeared on LA's "new rock" station, KROQ, this morning.

Listen to the Interview

Listen to the in-studio performance

He's also performing in Northridge this evening. No, I can't make it. I'll be too busy trying to figure out why I can't find any bloggers at Pico Kosher Deli.
Ralphie...we were all at Juniors deli in West L.A....good job of ditching you, huh?
Even if not in body, we were there in spirit...laughing at you as you cased the joint.
Thanks, that was cool.
Glad you liked it. You can also find stuff like his Jimmy Kimmel appearances at google video and youtube.com.
The other night on Bill Maher (I know how you probably feel about him...) they were talking about how an Orthodox Jewish man who won't shake hands with women had the number one downloaded album on iTunes.

Gloria Steinem (another Coffeehouse favorite?) just shrugged her shoulders and said "his loss" and the show pretty much went on.

I found it funny.
Here's the thing with the hands: I coulda sworn that I heard somewhere that even if you won't shake hands a priori, if someone offers you her hand you should take it rather than be rude. But I guess that a.) I could be wrong, and b.) it could be different if you're putting yourself in a situation that will surely present many a hand to shake.
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