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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
My Own Private Island
A dream of mine is to own an island. I enjoy scanning the pages of www.privateislandsonline.com to see what's available. There are many fascinating properties, and new ones appear on a regular basis.

You'd be surprised to know that many islands are rather affordable. Of course, there are numerous issues that island dwellers deal with that we don't have to - things like drinking water, electrical power, and protection from hurricanes and pirates. Furthermore, if you purchase an island outside of U.S. waters there are foreign laws and taxes to deal with. Still, the adventure of it is intriguing to me.

Will I ever do it? I don't know, but I sure like thinking about it.
This is madness, I tell you. Madness. The island pictures all look like the setting for a horor movie in which a dozen horny teenagers vacation on one of their parents' private island, and one by one they're (a) blown out to sea by a terrible storm or (2) murdered by an anonymous blogger.
And, you have trouble with this?

Had I won that lotto, the island would have been one of MY first purchases.
Oh Oven, you made my day. Clearly if Bean and I ever strike it rich we will need to divorce while I run off with Oven and Og to our own private island. Question: brooding, tree covered island with ruins or sunny caribbean island?
Ha ha! That's rather a disincentive for Bean to accumulate wealth, isn't it?

Gloomy island with ruins? I'm not big on gloom, but I am big on ruins. To tell the truth, I've dreamt of castle ownership as well. Some good castle islands have appeared in Scotland and Ireland.

Sunny tropical island? Now you're talking. I much prefer warmth to the cold. I can definitely see myself on a tropical island paradise with boat, scuba gear, blender, and margarita mix.

There is a third alternative. Greece and Italy have offered islands with ruins. While not exactly tropical, I figure they're warm enough, and hey - something from the Greek or Roman Empire to admire.

That's the great thing - there are so many options to consider. Big or small? Developed or no? Remote or close to civilization? My wife or Bean's?
Oh, crud! This is how I find out that my wife is running off to a set of Gilligan's Island to catch cholera with one of my best friends.

Oh, well. I guess it's time to start drinking and gambling.

Thanks, little buddy!
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