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Friday, February 24, 2006
Here's some interesting trivia: David Letterman and Jay Leno are both credited as writers of the 70s sitcom "Good Times."
so was Danny Bonaduce dad
I was wondering about that Bonaduce...
I just watched that last night.
Now that you mention it, whenever I comment on blogspot and see that "Login and Publish" button, I reflexively sing those words to myself, to the tune of the Good Times theme when it goes "Knock it and hustle, knock it and hustle." (At least I think that's how it goes.)
I really hated "Good Times." Jay Jay was just not funny. Nor was the fat guy.
B-C - Did you at least like the "very special," serious episodes starring Janet Jackson?
Never saw it. Although I did see Janet Jackson on Different Strokes.
Yes Ralphie...remember the one where the front of Janet's jumper broke off?
The fat guy? I think you're talking about "What's Happening". heyHEYhey

JJ was hillarious. I almost choked on my hamburger last night.
By fat guy I think she meant 'buffalo butt' - the super
Remember when they found out their neighbor was so poor she had to eat dog food, and then she came to dinner and they thought the food she brought was made out of dog food- so when JJ said Grace, instead of saying "The lord is our shepherd" he said "The lord is our German shepherd" and there was a huge laugh?

Or when James dies and Florida keeps in all her emotions until she is cleaning up, throws the punchbowl on the floor and yells "Damn, damn, damn!!!" A classic TV moment.

I loved that show.
Yeah, I was partially mixing up the shows. I hated What's hppening also. The little sister was such a pest. You know what they say, all 70's sitcoms look alike.
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