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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
musn't explode....
Some lefties over the cube wall are discussing politics. One is saying - after lowering his voice to a whisper - that Chavez is improving his country. "He wants zero illiteracy..." etc.

I am fighting the urge to yell, "And Mussolini had the trains running on time!!!!"

I have to work with these people.

Sounds like the rehashed stuff people used to say about Castro.

It's better not to vent. Keep your job. Vent on the blog.
Chavez is not improving Venezuela. All he does is bash America, look for strategic partnerships with other America-haters, and throw oil money around. It's easy to look like a hero when your country is growing fat on the rising price of oil. Zero illiteracy - what a joke. Is that the best they can come up with? Take a look at Venezuelan infrastructure and tell me what a genius Chavez is.
Wanting to improve literacy = good.
Wanting to do so by murdering the illiterate = bad.

Maybe you could pencil that on the crapper walls?
Now another guy - pretty sure he's a Marxist - is trotting out the ol' "When Clinton lied, nobody died" motto. And he's saying that those who supported the abortion ban in South Dakota - anyone against abortion - really just wants to control women. I'm not for that ban, but I don't find it unbelieveable that people want to protect the unborn.

Can you please shut up!!! Go blog or something...
I do not understand this. What does it take for people to learn?
Like you Ralphie, I don't support what South Dakota is doing, but I have a much bigger problem with your coworkers. Have they thought about all the women in South Dakota that voted for the legislator and the governor that passed this law and fully support it? Do those women want to control women too, or are they just conrolled dupes?

I wouldn't mind seeing Roe overturned just to watch the panic on the left (well, and also because it was a terrible decision).
I wouldn't mind seeing Roe overturned just to watch the panic on the left (well, and also because it was a terrible decision). Wow, someone else understands this was bad law.
While I am not strictly anti-abortion, something must be done about the number of totally unwarranted abortions that occur on a daily basis. Did you know that there have been 40 million abortions since Roe was decided? Does anyone else think that that number is astronomical and frightening?
Bean: Those women are self-hating, uncle-tom, gender traitors. They are probably really men in dresses.

jees, how about just having a little reproductive responsibility? And the folks at Planned Parenthood are insane- do they think we have no idea what a racist, eugenecist scumbag Marge Sanger is?
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