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Saturday, March 18, 2006
How I Learned to Love the Wall
A Muslim woman admits that the Israeli security barrier is necessary:

"Does a concrete effort to save civilian lives justify the hardship posed by this structure? The humanitarian in me bristles, but ultimately answers yes."

Of course, she's the author of a book called "The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith." So take that for what it's worth.
On NPR every Sunday morning they always have a religion-flavored show, I think it's called Church for Atheists. Anyway this morning they interviewed a "moderate" Palestinian, a professor in a university in Bethlehem (I think) -- moderate in that he believes in non-violent protest, which I guess really IS moderate so take off those arch quotation marks.

But anyway he said that when he crossed the Wall he had to wait in his car for over an hour and then stand outside his car and wait in the hot sun for I don't remember how long, and having to go through that rigmarole to travel in "your own land" is humiliating, etc.

Which I am sure it is, and I can feel a twinge of sympathy for him. Even my sister who lives in Jerusalem and is very chareidi tells me she feels sorry for the Arab women who have to wait forever in the sun holding their babies and toddlers just to cross over the line to get to a doctor, shopping or whatever.

BUT -- I wanted the interviewer to ask the Bethlehem prof the same question that Irshad asked the Arab -- "Why do you think the Israelis built this wall? Why are the Israelis making it so difficult for Arabs to travel? Probably you have NO idea, but come on, give it your best shot -- what's your best guess? Anything?"

Needless to say there was no acknowledgement on NPR, neither from the interviewer nor from the interviewee, that the Wall was built for any other purpose than to humiliate Arabs, nor that it has had any other results for the Israelis.

Yet this big-souled professor -- yes, the interviewer made him look grand and noble, like Gandhi -- he is a noble person because he doesn't want to kill Israelis, despite having to wait in his car for more than an hour.
National Palestinian Radio...
Here is my daily radio line-up.
Bill Handel
Dennis Prager
Dr. Laura
Larry Elder or Hugh Hewitt

I know that Dr. Laura is crazy but I just can't give up the thrill of listening to other people's problems.

Ragardless of Dr. laura's emotional state, this way I remain informed and never have to listen to NPR or KPFK or the other claptrap.
Since the wall was built, has the number of suicide attacks in Israel increased or decreased?

My sources tell me the latter -- in signficant amounts.

Therefore, the wall is good.
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