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Monday, March 27, 2006
Return to B&B
Last time I went to B&B Hardware, I ordered a couple of window screens. When I went to pick them up yesterday, I couldn't find my work order.

"Can I just give you my name?" I asked. The guy at the counter said that up until recently that would've been okay, but lately people were getting the wrong screens and it's been a problem.

I replied, "So you really have to start screening people."

Crickets chirped. Off in the distance, a dog barked.

"Get it? Screening people?"

"Um, yeah, I got it."
A tumbleweed rolls by.
Moss grows on a rock.
Time stands still for no one.

Oh, okay, it stood still yesterday for you.
I never have my slip when I pick up my dry cleaning. And they still bring me the correct suit.

It's all a scam. A scam, I say!
Psychotoddler: No. That's just because every orthodox guy in Milwaukee wears the same suit.

the pun is the most misunderestimated form of humor known to birdwoman.

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