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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The Maxwell House Haggadah

If you're Jewish, and American, you've heard of the Maxwell House Hagaddah. But you might not know its origins. Here's the story, according to Maxwell House PR Materials:

"In 1923, Maxwell House was the first coffee to be certified Kosher for Passover. To complement its kosher coffee, in 1934, Maxwell House enlisted Jewish scholars to help create the Passover Haggadah."

Personally, I am sticking with my belief that it was written by the Maxwell Houser Chassidim. They stay up all night learning, and they're very jittery.
Come on. Everybody knows that it was dictated word for word by The Almighty to the Maxwell House Board of Directors.
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I believe the first Haggadah of this sort was actually pioneered by the Maxwell Smarter Chassidim. The Maxwell Houser Chassidim emerged as an offshoot of the Maxwell Smarter sect after there was a rift over whether or not it was permissible to wear shoe phones to the second Passover seder in the diaspora. Different rebbe, different minhag (custom). Get it?

Then again, I could be full of sh*t...
"Ma nishtanah ha-coffee hazeh
mikol ha-leilot
she'bekol ha-leilot anu shohtim
coffee decaf, coffee decaf
ha-laila ha-zeh, ha-laila ha-zeh
kuloh coffee botz,
ha-laila ha-zeh, ha-laila ha-zeh
kuloh coffee botz!"

Hmm...something gets lost in translation of that Top 40 classic tune, doesn't it?
LOL. I remember those Haggadas.
Memories, like the corners of my mind. . . .
We still have and use them.

Maxwell Smarter...snort
As usual, i'm a bit late to the post...but...Wow, does that bring back memories...I can just see my Zaida leading the service, and all us kids trying desperately not to giggle.
Interesting! I'd always wondered what the deal was with Maxwell House and their Haggadahs. I love mine!
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