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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Did You Fight This Much Against the Germans?
If there’s anything so contemptible, so disgusting, so beyond redemption that it would actually motivate me to break my weeks of happy silence and actually compose a post, it’s France.

The latest hubbub concerns a very reasonable labor law which France passed in a desperate attempt to address its high unemployment and its sagging economy. It states (if you’re standing, you really should sit down) that for the first couple of years on the job employers can fire employees. That’s it! It just says that for Jacques to keep his job, his employer has to want to keep hiring him! This is treachery, Pierre! Get me a large wheel of brie while I set fire to my beret! We must take to the streets.

I gave our French brothers and sisters lots of advice back in November, but to no avail. France is struggling with a large and unassimilated Muslim immigrant population, poor economic policy which unsurprisingly has yielded a poor economy, and a birth rate below replacement. France is in very serious danger. And what do French students see as their biggest threat? Capitalism! That’s what gets them in the street torching cars.

France is finished. It won’t be recognizable in two generations. It certainly won’t be French. But if the French won’t fight to save it, what can anyone else do?
The story reads like something from "the onion." You can't make up stuff this good. One of the better lines...
"France's largest union of high school students, FIDL, estimated that 450,000 participated."

Union of high school students?!" WTF! Do they strike when they have greasy tacos in the cafeteria?
Jean-Paul, mon ami, ze algebra teacher opresses us wiz her fascist houmwurk! We must strike!!
Hmmm - that acronym is strangely close to "Fidel." Coincidence? I think not.
Qwelcome back!
C'est la vie!

You know, I know some french folks who are incredible. This has to put a huge stain on them, to think their country is full of such retards.
It's all been downhill since the Lunatic Dreyfuss tried to destroy the world with his super laser weapon.
Welcome back, so good to see you here again!

Do you remember the scene in Casablanca where Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and all the people in the bar all sing La Marseillaise (the French national anthem, for those of you in Rio Linda) with tears in their eyes? No one feels that way about France anymore. La France est finie, elle est le garbage.
Ralphie: Um. Probably just a coincidence.

Irina: Thanks.

Og: There are lots of great French folks. No question. Many, in fact, are successful business people who moved to the States to escape their native socialism.

Psychotoddler: Yet again, you make an allusion to I-have-no-idea-what. (I mean I know about the Dreyfuss trial in France, but I don’t recall the super laser weapon.)

Ms. Katz: Thanks. Unfortunately, it seems that even the French don’t feel that way about France anymore.
Excellent, Bean!

A fascinating historical inquery is to compare our revolutionary aftermath (1776) with their revolutionary aftermath (1789)

We had messy political battles over the alien and sedition act, and Marbury v. Madison, and a few angry letters back and forth between Adams & Jefferson, and even a deadly duel every now and then (Burr and Hamilton).

They sent folks to the guilliotine, become anarchists, giving rise to a war-mongering dictator, Napoleon, who initiated numerous European wars over several decades.

Bottom line:

We rock and they suck.
It's a Pink Panther reference.


I'm going to need to rethink this friendship.
PT: the problem is that that was truly the worst pink panther of them all. My children hardly liked it, and they like anything. Stick to Monty Python.
Is it just me, or is the word verification getting longer? My last one was AWXDFTJKHFRFCVH.
Legal Eagle: That is a very reasonable bottom line. We should remember that they fought on our side in the Revolutionary War and gave us the Statue of Liberty. But since then? They suck.

PT: I promise to do better next time.

B&C: It’s just you.
I really should have studied Spanish for seven years instead of French. It doesn't sound as cool, but the people who speak it aren't half as embarrassing, percentagewise.
Kiwi: Es verdad, senora.
Wait a minute, wasn't it the "war-mongering" Napoleon who declared France a Republic and invited Jews to join in? I thought that was pretty much a watershed in our history.

But yeah, since then, they suck.
Does that mean, "It's true, Ma'am"? Romance languages are so easy; you know one, you know them all.
Inland Empress: Yeah, from the little I know Napoleon was fairly pro-Jew (isn't there a word for that? Hebophilic?).

Kiwi: Yup! You got it.
Struth, mate.

Of course, France supplied, um, supplies to Israel in the war of independence. So that's something between Napoleon and now. Kind of too little, too late, but I'll take it.
Psychotoddler: Emet, chaveri.

Ralphie: No. I'm pretty shure it's "hebophillic." Why the "um" before supplies? Did they send condoms or something?
The "um" is cuz what else can you supply other than supplies? (Actually it means I don't know exactly what they supplied. Jets, I think. Maybe weapons. And cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.)
Got it. I don't think France could have given anyone jets in the War of Independence (1947) since the Germans had just invented them during WW2, but I think in the 50s and 60s the Israeli Air force was constituted with French jets. And cheese.
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