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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Daily Kos on Chickenhawks
Or, put another way, >>>Yawn<<<

Soooo old. This kind of thinking ignores the fact that majority of the military supports the war effort. At the polls, anyway.

And how about this: I'm for the police fighting crime, but I'm not enlisting in the police academy. Ditto for firefighting. That doesn't make me a hypocrite, or mean that the police should stop doing their jobs.

Hat tip: Galley Slaves
I support cheerleaders leading cheers. I am also all in favor of oceanographers studying fish.
Now, I hate Daily Kos as much as the next guy. Actually, in this town the next guy is probably a liberal, so I'm likely to hate Kos much more than the next guy. He makes his point in an infantile potty-mouthed way, but part of what he says may be reasonable. He seems to make two points. (1) That those who support the war should enlist. This is ludicrous and Ralphie has already made the argument against it well. (2) That those who support the war should publicly encourage their followers to enlist. That seems a legitimate point. Kos specifically mentions Jerry Falwell. I don’t know whether or not he has encouraged enlistment, and a couple of minutes of looking through his website didn't answer that question. This is all the more important now since enlistment has fallen below goals and soldiers are having their tours of duty extended. Because I support the war, I would not at all discourage my son if he wanted to join the military when he was old enough. I would expect pro-war opinion leaders to do the same and to try to convince the public that enlistment is a noble expression of their patriotism.

I still hate Kos.
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