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Friday, May 27, 2005
Crossing currents
Whoo-hoo! Made it onto a post - not a comment - at Cross Currents.

That should raise our ultra-orthodox readership significantly.

(regular readers - both of you - know that I hold Cross-Currents in high regard)
Congratulations, Ralphie!

Welcome, Cross Currents readers. Pull up a seat, stay a while. The coffee and donuts are kosher, but taste bad. The opinions are always fresh, though.
This is exactly why I stop my T.V. watching at "Desperate Housewives." No Halacha (Jewish law) to ponder. Plus, I get an extra hours sleep!
I hope that you meant Modern Orthodox crowd, not Ultra-Orthodox.
Rachack - who said anything about a crowd?
Modern Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, Russian Orthodox - we don't turn anyone away.
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