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Monday, April 11, 2005
Interesting statistic
On cross-currents, in the context of chastising the view that Jews should be wary of Christians, Gedalia Litke writes, "...the two Jewish demographics most likely to have voted for Bush in '04 were religious Jews and intermarried Jews, i.e., the two kinds of Jews who, for better and worse, do not fear the impact of Christians on their life goals."

I hadn't heard that statistic before? Any truth to that? I ask because I am too lazy to look it up.
Also, Russian-speaking Jews who don't tend to be very religious or very intermarried. According to polls, between 75 and 82% of RSJ voted for Bush.
Hmmmm - an intriguing third rail.
See, it's no coincidence that I'm here. I've set out to prove the statistic! ; )
There is nothing better than an immigrant from a totalitarian regime. Or Canada, for that matter. Both tend to the right in the USA.
I'm surprised about the intermarried. I would have thought intermarried Jews tend to be liberal. I am sure it is nowhere near the percentage of orthodox Jews.
Hmm, well maybe the few conservative Jews out there tend to intermarry with conservantive Gentiles because they can't find enough conservative Jews to marry... : (
I'll try to get the numbers - I don't know them either. My completely off-the-top-of-my-head guess is that these two groups don't base their Jewish identity on fear of antisemitism, which is historically linked to the right for a number of reasons, even though it's associated with the left today. Old habits die hard, don't you know.
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