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Monday, April 11, 2005
Corrie Story
Alan Rickman, the bad guy from the first Die Hard, is putting together a play about Rachel Corrie, the American woman who died valiantly in Gaza while trying to protect a weapons-smuggling tunnel from Egypt. In the Guardian, the playwright discusses Corrie's writings.

Of course they say they aren't going to glorify here, that she'll be presented warts and all, and that they chose her as a subject only because of the accessibility of her writing. This is nonsense, of course, because not only are there plenty of people involved in the conflict who have written about it, but that are still alive to be interviewed about it as well. So why did they choose her? Because she's a hero, of course.
Rachel Corrie was a despicable creature. Her anti-American radicalism is well documented on Little Green Footballs. That doesn't mean that she deserved to be (accidentally) run over by a bulldozer, but it does mean that the world is better because of it.

ball-and-chain and I have a short-hand code for various levels of evil. You may find it handy.

Level 1. "He should be shot."
These are people whose crimes against humanity are so numerous and so depraved that they fall outside the protections of due process and deserve to expire by a soldier's bullet or a hellfire missile through their window. This would include the likes of Kim Jong Il, anyone high enough in Hizb'allah, or Hamas or the government of Iran, and when he was in power, Saddam Hussein.

Level 2. "He should be tried and shot."
These are people who deserve due process and whose crimes deserve capital punishment. This group includes all mass murderers and all murders with special circumstances, but who don't rise to the level of oppressing an entire nation or endangering other countries. Included are Jack Kevorkian, the guy who parked his SUV on the train tracks in LA a few months ago, and Charles Manson.

Level 3. "He should be hit by a truck."
These are people whose crimes do not merit the death penalty, but whose life work is so overwhelmingly harmful that if they were accidentally killed, the world would be a better place. Don't get us wrong. They should not be pushed in front of a truck. They don't deserve to be hit by a truck, but it would be good if they were. This group includes Al Sharpton, Noam Chomsky, and, before she was hit by a bulldozer, Rachel Corrie.

Try them sometime. They're very useful. The next time you see some funeral in Gaza in which a bunch of protesters are wearing masks firing in the air and screaming "Death to Israel. Death to America." Say "those guys should be shot." We'll know what you mean.
I love that code! I'll be sure to use it! LOL!
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