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Monday, April 11, 2005
I know everyone's tired of the Schiavo case. But just check out the letter by Cynthia Lawrence printed in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal on the subject:

"...we are in danger of skidding on the slippery path so beloved of the neocons: the culture of life. Whether Gruen intends it or not, that path leads to the destruction of abortion rights and the curtailment of stem cell research."

I mean, I think we've seen some good arguments on the Michael Schiavo side on this blog, but this is, well, hey, I guess for Ms. Lawrence at least it's honest.

Also, I love the use of "neocons" as a catch-all for anything evil.
Michael Harrington coined the use of the term "neocon." It's was a label for the once leftist Jews who were moving to to the right in the 1970's. It's taken on a life of it's own since then, but still seems like an antisemitic slur to me.
yeah, but in the "Jewish Journal" it probably actually means "neo-con." Not to excuse the comment, of course.
Yeah - I know its history and its current use by some as the new antisemitic slur of choice. But to be fair I think most people that use it aren't aware of that particularly insidious connotation - they just know it's the new term for the Bush administration and its supporters. I think it shows ignorance and a plain ol' lack of creativity in this instance.
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