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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Disgraced Cardinal Leads Mass for Pope
Yahoo! News - Disgraced Cardinal Leads Mass for Pope

I was scanning the news before going to bed, and stumbled upon this little bit. Whatever the Church may or may not have learned about its shortcomings with respect to child abuse during Pope John Paul's reign, apparently went to the grave with him.

Cardinal Law is the posterboy for the Church's grossly neglegent mishandling of the child abuse issue. Such prominant Catholics as Bill Bennett and William Buckley called for his resignation in the wake of his dropping the ball in the Boston Archdiocese scandal of a couple years ago.

To place him in a position of such importance at a time of such enormous consequence for the Church just seems like a slap in the face of the victims, and a clear indication that the Church remains ignorant to the issue.
I try to keep my criticism of other religions to a minimum (except for Islam!). But I have to agree with you, Nomad.
I don't think it's criticism of religion. It's criticism of religious authorities, which in this case happen to be all too human. And all humans are subject to criticism, in my view.
Well said Irina,

I often get the sense that, because a person wraps themselves in religious garb, we're expected to give them a pass on certain behavior in the name of religious tolerance. I think this leads some to believe their religious authority makes them immune to certain criticisms.

Bad, unethical or immoral behavior is what it is, whether or not you slap a Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or other label upon it.

Criticizing the Catholic church for exhaulting a man who was at a minimum grossly neglegent, and whose neglegence resulted in families being ripped apart by the stain of child abuse, is no more religiously intolerant than criticizing Jim Baker for defrauding his paritioners of their earnings.
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