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Monday, October 25, 2004
Stuff I Support
The links to the left are a reasonable amalgalm of what we all like, but it would have been nice to actually have some buttons with graphics to display our love with a little more color. To that end, I offer some colorful links to just a few things dear to my heart.

Nomad: if you don't think the buttons are too big and ugly, can you move their code into the left column to jazz up the links a little?
Hi Doc. Turns out this stuff is a real pain in the rump. I've put your stuff in the side column, but let's hold off on adding any more decoration until I see if there's an easier way. There might be.

Go ahead and leave this post here. I want to fix the image sizes (which I estimated when scaling down) later, and I'll need the originals.
Nomad: That's fine. Putting pictures in posts is very easy, so we can just leave them where they are for now. If we want we can each make a "buttons with links to sites I like" post.
Nomad: You did it! Nice work! Thanks.
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