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Monday, October 25, 2004
Close-up of Titan Tomorrow

NASA's Cassini spacecraft which is in orbit around Saturn is going to have one of it's many close passes of Titan tomorrow. Titan is one of Saturn's most interesting moons, as it is one of the few solid bodies in the solar system with an atmosphere (like Earth). We should get some great pictures of Titan, but most imaging thus far has failed to produce clear details of the surface because of the opaque atmosphere. It may even have liquid oceans! On December 25, Cassini will release the Huygens probe which will drop to Titan and give us precise details about its atmosphere and our first glimpse at its surface.

It's very exciting stuff, both the technology that's making it happen and the new discoveries that are being made. Western Civ once again explores beyond old barriers, looks over new horizons, and litters on virgin soil!

(You can learn more about Titan and the rest of the solar system at this terrific site.)
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