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Monday, October 25, 2004
Polipundit on the Polls

I really like DJ Drummond's insights on the polls. Really seems to know his stuff.



The Key Signals?

91.3% of Republicans support the President, while Kerry claims 87.0% of

Bush also holds a narrow lead among Independents, 45.8% to44.5%.

Men prefer Bush over Kerry 52.8% to 41.3% on average, while Women preferKerry
50.0% to 44.3% (note that ABC says Bush has a 4 point lead with women;this is
either an outlier or a fascinating signal).

82.3% of Bush Supporters saythey are “strong” supporters; 76.7% of Kerry
Supporters say the same.

Bush has a54.0% average Personal Favorability Rating, to Kerry’s 32.7%.

Read the whole thing. Lots of good stuffon how polls are conducted, whom to believe andwhy...

Update: Neat! DJ's blogs more details in a different spot. http://stolenthunder.blogspot.com/2004/10/dilative-poll-demographic-transition.html

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