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Friday, April 20, 2007
Dennis Miller on the airwaves
It's true. Dennis Miller now has a three-hour radio show. In Los Angeles, it's on 870 AM KRLA, 6-9 PM (unfortunately it's not live so I can't call in) . I am giddy. I think I'm going to start planning my day so I can be on the road home from work at 6. The first segment of his show - at least last night, the first time I heard it - is basically a 10-minute monologue about current events. This is the first time I've wanted three hours free a day so I could listen to a radio program. Of course, that's not gonna happen, so I'm glad to know that downloads of particular interviews are available on the website. I think you can listen to full shows there as well, but, again, the free three hours...
He's replaced Dennis Prager on our "local" station (The "Mighty" WIND out of Chicago).

I love him, but I have to look up every 3rd word.

The "avuncular" Gavin McLeod?
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