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Thursday, January 19, 2006
Three Cheers for Godby!
In the fall of 1985 I was a brand new freshman at UCLA. I remember clearly moving into the dorms and not knowing a soul. If you can believe this, I was a much bigger geeky introvert back then than I am now, so the prospect of getting to know the dozens of people on my dorm floor was daunting. The first week (was it the first day? I don’t remember now) I was sitting around in my dorm room wearing OP shorts and a Harvard T shirt which were both a few sizes too small when Godby strolled down the hall. “Wanna play some football?” he invited. I played horribly, of course, but that day a friendship was born that has lasted decades.

When Nomad suggested we open our Coffeehouse, naturally we made him a founding contributor, until 6 months later it became eminently clear that he had no intention of ever posting. What can I tell you about the mythical Godby that don’t already know from Nomad’s loving description of him 10 months ago? He is a man of very sophisticated tastes: He likes The Eagles (the rock band); he likes Star Trek; he likes beef and beer, frequently together. He is about as conservative as the rest of us Coffehousers but a lot more likeable.

Tomorrow is his birthday, so please raise a glass and join me in wishing Godby a happy day and a great year. Live long and prosper!
Happy Birthday Godby. I like beef and beer, too!
Happy Birthday Godby! : )
A lot more likeable, say it is not so. You fellows are like the salt of the earth.
I take things pretty literally, so I'm listening to Doctor Bean's post header.


(oh, and happy birthday, Godby)
Oy! Beer and beef...don't want to be around Godby when he accidentally emits noxious gases (hope I'm not too graphic). Happy bday Godby
Mrs. R cooked beef in beer the other day. Delicious.
Dr. Bean, thank you for the B-day wishes and kind words. You are an officer and a gentleman. And don't sell yourself short, you are far more likable than I...better looking too.
Dr. Bean,

I was sitting around in my dorm room wearing OP shorts and a Harvard T shirt which were both a few sizes too small ..

Yeah, it was a good thing you were a smart fellow with a kind soul --'cuz you were pretty geeky:)

Yeah, I remember that Harvard shirt. I also remember your walking down the hall en route to the shower -- wearing only a towel around your waist -- and I thought to myself, "Look at that scrawny guy wearing a wool sweater to the shower", when suddenly, as you approached, I realized, Sweet Jesus, he's not wearing a sweater!
Long live Godby!
Legal Eagle: That got a big laugh out of me! Thanks!

You may not have been reading us when I wrote about my extreme fuzziness. You may enjoy it.
Happy birthday, Godby. We frequently serve beef at our mansion. Beer, not so much. Lots of kosher wine, though.
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